Enchanted Memories Princess Dress Rentals

High-end Disney costumes for rent that are made with silk and velvet for your princess.

Enchanted memories is an online and local rental boutique for high end Disney dresses for your little princess. Dresses can be shipped or locally delivered in Evansville Indiana and surrounding areas. We only carry high-end Disney costumes that are made with silk and velvet for your princess. Rent the dress for Disney World, photo shoots, birthday parties, and girls day makeovers with friends. All dresses are made in the USA. We are getting new dresses and sizes in all the time. Please visit and like our Facebook page to see all available princess dresses.

2-day dress rental starting at $50.
7-day dress rental starting at $100.

Signed rental agreement plus a $50 refundable deposit per dress is required and will be refunded upon return of the dress if no rips, tears, or other major damage.

Questions? Call 812-746-3268 to speak with Denise Murphy.

Who is Enchanted Memories?

Denise Murphy started Enchanted Memories when her son purchased a Belle dress costume custom-made for his daughter for a Disney trip. While at Disney World, she got a lot of extra attention and was treated like a royal princess - mainly because she dressed the part. This treatment and how beautiful she felt, made her experience even more special. We decided at that point there MUST be a less expensive way for ALL princesses to have this same experience. By making these high-end dresses available to rent at a fraction of the cost of buying, we want to help make your child’s memory of their first visit to the Magic Kingdom one they will always remember - and have them looking amazing in photos.

How the rental process works.

  1. Check Availability - First check the dates to make sure we have the dress in stock. Rental pricing per dress is two days starting at $50, or seven days starting at $100. We will work with you if you need additional days.
  2. Sign Rental Agreement - Next you sign the rental agreement and pay for rental + refundable deposit.
  3. Getting your dress(s) - If you are local, we are happy to meet up/bring the dress to you and save you shipping charges. If we send your dress to Disney World there may be additional fees as shipping/delivery will be different depending on the resort.
  4. Return your dress - Another physical meet-up/pickup or we can mail/deliver the dress with a prepaid return shipping label to send the dress back.

Frequently Asked Questions

We use Ella Dynae. She is located in the USA. We feel it’s important to support small business owners. Ella Dynae dresses use high quality materials that combine elegance and durability with stunning results; thoughtful design has produced costumes that are both versatile and comfortable. Every surface that touches the skin is soft, and our bodices and waistbands stretch comfortably to fit your child.

We encourage you to measure your little princess before hand and send us the sizes so we can make sure the dress size you have chosen is likely to fit.

If you are local or live near we can often work out a fitting in the evening or weekends. Please contact us directly to see if we can set this up.

The dresses are made with high-quality materials that combine elegance and durability with stunning results. Every surface that touches the skin is soft.

Renting is almost always more budget friendly for a better quality dress. You can even rent multiple dresses for your little princess so they have a change for different days of your visit. Plus you can let us do all the work!

For most instances when we need to ship a dress to you, we will not know the total until we go to ship at the post office so we normally just take this total from your deposit total and refund you the difference once we have the dress back.

The same goes for pre-paid labels. Once we know the total we will just take that from your deposit and return the rest.

*Many Disney resorts are different prices to ship to/from so we cannot usually anticipate this cost. Also when we ship a dress to Colorado VS. Kentucky, there is often a price difference and we pass along the savings to you. 

Dresses Available to Rent/Reserve

The following shows all the princess dresses we have and their rental status. If you are looking for a different style or size, please contact us directly.
Princess Dress StyleDress SizeCurrently AvailableNext Available date (if reserved)
Sleeping Beauty Aurora (pink)5/6YES
Belle Yellow5/6YES
Belle Gold3/4YES
Alice In Wonderland3/4YES

Rental Agreement for Enchanted Memories Princess Dress Rentals